Egregy is located in a quarter of Hévíz having a special character and a rustic atmosphere being about 1,5 kilometers from the centre. On the basis of archeological finds it had already been inhabited by people in Roman times. The first written document derives from 1019, which originality is doubtful. Most assuredly, we can read about it first in 1328 on the name of Villa Egrug, which originates from the denomination of alder tree. Egregy was completely destroyed during the Turkish occupation. In the 18th century, German settlers rebuilt the settlement belonging to the estates of the Festetics family. After the Second World War Egregy and Hévíz united.   

egregy_tortenelmi_emlekIn Hévíz-Egregy there are significant artifacts from Roman times to be found (a Roman villa, the grave of a Roman soldier) and wine making traditions also go back to that time. The Arpadian church built in the 13th century on the hill of Egregy is one of the most beautiful Romanesque style parish churches placed into the landscape. Its exact time of building is unknown, the church is first mentioned in a document in 1341. The building had been badly damaged between the 16th-17th centuries, later on in the Baroque period it was renovated in 1731 but it preserved its medieval form. Following the renovation between 1964 and 1965, it was furnished with period interiors and this way visitors can take a look at it in its original atmosphere. From the church the view is impressive to the hilly region.

arpad_templom_egregyIn the vicinity of the church a lot of tourists have turned up since the 1950-s. At that time cellar owners offered them their wine and visitors drank it standing about the vines while they were talking.     

The owners kept pace with the increasing tourism and as a result of this the first wine bars and restaurants appeared in the foot of the vineyards in the 1970-s. The fresh air and the magnificent panorama attracted more and more people to the vineyard who asked for some snacks beside the wine


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