borivo_angol Some suggestions on how to choose wine

On cold days To warm up the inside You should drink matured red old wine or mulled wine
On hot summer days To cheer up and to overcome tiredness You should drink fresh and bodied wines, spritzers
In the evening during watching TV To decrease daily tension You should drink bodied white wines, good quality spiced wines
At changeable weather To increase good mood Rosé or siller wines
To have successful business meetings To create cheerful and congenial atmosphere You should choose good quality red wines, and/or white wines with a regional character with a discreet fragrance and a characteristic flavour
If good friends get together To have a good atmosphere and to increase joy You should drink younger red wines and white wines
In the company of ladies and gents To create cheerful atmosphere and to help nice entertainment You should drink fragrant white wine
If men get together To help and facilitate an objective and honest discussion You should drink strong, full-bodied and high quality old wines
If women get together To increase talkativeness You should drink light, fragrant, light and sweet wines and liqueur wines
In case of celebrating a birthday or a name-day To increase good atmosphere You should drink gentle, sweet and fragrant white wines
In case of having and engagement or wedding To receive the guest and have a solemn introductionTo complete the festive meal in a proper wayAfter the meal to raise the festive atmosphere to its highest point You should drink champagne and quality sparkling winesIt depends on the foodYou should drink better and better quality wines during the meal
In case of a visit of a really appreciated guest To highlight the dishes in order to honour the guest You should drink special quality old wines or maybe to taste a series of them
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