„The history of wine is the history of mankind”

borvidekThis wine growing region with rich medieval traditions does not lie in the close vicinity of Lake Balaton but its climate is still influenced by the nearness of the lake. It belongs to the small wine growing zones with its 1508 hectares. Vines had been planted on the gentle slopes of this area by the former huge   Roman Empire making the production of quality wines compulsory for its soldiers settling down in this region. According to Ancient culture wine is a gift of God. Several feasts had been organized in the honour of Bacchus, the Roman god of wine in the empire. A charter dated in 1220 certifies that Hungarian living in the Arpadian age had continued this type of cultivation.  

During Turkish times the medieval village was destroyed and suffered from depopulation but at the beginning of the 18th century German speaking population was settled in Egregy. They, similarly to their ancestors, continued the tradition of wine-making. In 1998 the vineyard of Egregy was declared a quality wine production site and the wines growing here were pronounced wines with the regional character of Lake Balaton.

Due to the excellent geographical conditions of the region, like: a varied and sunny climate with a Mediterranean influence, the calcareous, basaltic and loamy soils, there are wines to be grown with different characters and it makes the wine zone very colourful. 

cserszegi_fuszeresCserszeg is typically a white wine growing region but some red wine varieties can also be found.  They are elegant and fruity wines with a significant alcohol-and acidity content. The wines here are full-bodied from the daytime heat and fruity with a good acid structure from the cool air coming from the mountains at night. The most characteristic and internationally recognized wine of the region is the Cserszegi fűszeres.(Woodcutters White or “The Unpronounceable Wine”) This definitely fully-bodied, valuable and lively acidity wine is becoming more and more popular and can be found on the wine list of good restaurants. The green-yellow colour with the reminiscent of bitter almond and reseda fragrance of the Welschriesling is only the characteristic of the riesling grown here in this region. Pinot Gris is golden yellow, semi-sweet, full-bodied, spicy, and aromatic wine with high extract content and with medium acidity, which is recommended mainly with desserts. Muscat Ottonel is an aromatic wine with intense fruit content. It has become the favourite of women mainly as a semi-sweet and sweet drink but it is also excellent as a dry wine.   

da bibereMore and more feasts and wine festivals are trying to give rank to wine in the area especially by means of the Da Bibere Wine Knighthood of Zala. At the same time, this offers guests excellent possibilities for recreation and entertainment since wine is an essential part of social life: it is an appetizer, it emphasizes the taste of dishes and it can create good atmosphere. According to old traditions and customs, new wine-tastings are held on Martin’s Day (11 November), on John’s Day (26 December) the new wine is sanctified but pub crawlings and wine-tastings on Vincent’s Day (22 January, the summer wine weeks and the different grape harvest festival are attracting more and more visitors into the region.

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